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G4 Technologies is a solution driven construction technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies cutting-edge construction technology. Our commitment to quality and service ensures our customers get the best value possible. Our products can be found on jobsites where safety and efficiency are essential to success.

Compaction is the final, yet crucial, step in the construction of asphalt pavements. Improper compaction often leads to early deterioration of pavement, reduced productivity, and increased construction costs.

RTDensity is an artificial intelligence-based device that can be easily retrofitted on any vibratory steel drum compactor. Once installed and calibrated, RTDensity provides the roller operator critical process parameters such as the

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number of roller passes on the asphalt mat, mat temperature during each pass, coverage, and more importantly, an estimate of the density achieved during compaction in an easy to grasp visual format. Roller operators can now easily determine the quality of the pavement during compaction and make necessary adjustments to achieve target density and avoid over- and under- compaction of the mix! Contractors can verify quality and productivity during the construction process instead of waiting till the construction is completed. 

•    Installation of RTDensity is a simple process that can be completed in less than an hour. 

•    The device is calibrated during the construction of a control stretch of the pavement.

•    After calibration, the device provides continuous estimate of the density during roller operation.

•    Features (GPS, roller speed, mat temperature, density, density over the pass)

•    Analysis tools (mapping, mean density and variance, coverage)

•    Reporting tools (as-built maps, coverage, PWL, and more.)

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