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No more guesswork during the compaction process! RTDensity is a game changer. Do it once, do it right!


Real-Time Compaction Data

RTDensity™ provides compaction estimates directly to the operator, giving real-time feedback of the construction quality.

Reduced Construction Costs

Reducing uncertainties during compaction allows operators to make necessary and cost-saving changes before it is too late.

Retrofit Installation

Worry-free installation with our technology experts will have you up and running with the steel drum roller you already have and zero disruption to construction.

Complete Coverage

RTDensity™ combines compaction estimates with high-resolution GPS and surface temperature profiling for complete coverage maps and reports.

Customizable Readouts

RTDensity™ is configurable to fit the needs of any job site by allowing operators to change settings for optimal speeds, surface temperatures, and target densities on the fly.

Cloud Synchronized Data Storage

RTDensity™ automatically syncs all telemetry data to the cloud for remote monitoring and post-job analysis through compaction maps, temperature maps, pass count, and more.

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Strategic partners

George Reed
University of Nevada Reno
Haskell Lemon
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